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You can, by using the Help section, find the answer for most of your questions. To do this, just type your word or phrase or question in the search field below, so that the responses are in order, for You will be displayed

intelligent Support
The smart system is the most comprehensive and comprehensive support tool that answers your needs, questions and requests. This system, which is constantly learning and developing your own content through dialogue with you dear users, will be available at the right bottom of all pages at all times.
Online Support
When using the Smart Support System for any reason, if you did not receive the correct answer, you can type the word operator and access the online chat panel, and our colleagues will be online to answer your questions.
Voice CallIf you would like, you can tell us what you are asking us through the voice message. All messages are heard at the end of the working day and all of them will be presented.
Among all the people in the community, the use of messenger apps has become widespread. Thats why, in order to facilitate the support process, we have prepared robots for the five popular applications, with which you can ask your questions. answer. In addition, instant and online prices are also available through these robots, which sets these issues to fully meet your needs.
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